Meet Schedule
Saturdays: We generally have a meet every Saturday from the beginning of June to the end of July. Meets typically run from 6:00 am – Noon.
Wednesdays: We have 3 Intrasquad meets with our own team throughout the season that happen on a Wednesday evening.
Sundays: There is the potential of a Sunday meet if your child qualifies for League or State, as well as some Invitational meets.

Age Group Determination
Whatever age your swimmer is on May 15th is the age group that they will swim in. You can not swim up or down in age groups.

We understand that summer is for family time and we respect that. We encourage swimmers to make as many practices and meets a week as possible. If you want to go on vacation, go for it! We won’t stop you. We won’t even side-eye you or give you the cold shoulder. Our focus is to train our athletes to be better at the sport, to encourage the love of swimming, and most of all to keep it fun. If your swimmer is set on being a League or State qualifier, they will need to compete in a minimum of 2 dual meets and 1 intrasquad meet, combined with the appropriate qualification times.

Swim Club Members Only?
No. You do not need to be a member of the Green Mountain Swim Club to join our team. You will pay an additional pool fee as a non-member.

Summer Club vs. Year-Round Swim Team
GMST is part of the Colorado State Summer Swim Club Association (CSSCA) and abides by all rules regulating summer clubs. If you are swimming for a year-round club, you must stop practicing/competing for that team by May 15th. The rules state that you cannot practice with a year-round team (or compete in a meet) while summer club is in session.

Do I Have to Volunteer at Swim Meets?
Why yes you do! It takes a lot of people to run a swim meet from lane timers and data entry folks to heating shed and snack tables. All families are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 5 shifts throughout the summer season. Some teams require you to put down a financial deposit and track your hours. We don’t do that. We simply ask that you truly become part of our swim team and help out. Simply put, without the help of parents, the kids would not be able to swim.

What is an Intrasquad Meet?
This is a meet with only our team and at our pool. Swimmers are allowed to swim a maximum of 3 individual events. We will follow the standard order of events for the meet, but we will not have any relays at this type of meet.

What is a Dual Meet?
This is a meet that is with our team and one other teams. This event can be hosted at our pool or at an opponent’s pool. Swimmers are allowed to swim in a maximum of 3 individual events and up to 2 relays.

How do I sign up for a meet?
The sign up for each meet will be posted at the beginning of the week on a bulletin board at the pool. Your swimmer is responsible for talking with their coach and then making check marks next to their name in the events they would like to swim. We ask that parents not do this for their kids. This is an important part of the coach/athlete relationship and allows each swimmer to commit to the races that they will be swimming. If your child needs help, the coaches will be there to assist.