Year-Round Swim Teams

Hello Gators. We get asked a lot about where to swim when the summer is over. We have gathered a list for you of the teams that have Gator-Swimmers and are in our area. (This is not a comprehensive list of what’s out there. Nor is it an endorsement. This is Just where are swimmers tend to go). Please use this as a starting point to figure out what is best for your swimmer/family.

Please note…GMST is part of the Colorado State Summer Swim Club Association (CSSCA) and abides by all rules regulating summer clubs. If you are swimming for a year-round club, you must stop practicing/competing for that team by May 15th. The rules state that you cannot practice with a year-round team (or compete in a meet) while summer club is in session.

CARA Fast Fins
Foothills Parks and Rec District

DU Hilltoppers
Contact: Shawn Smith,
Pools: University of Denver, Lincoln

Foothills Swim Team
Contact: Lane Bretschneider,
Pools: Carmody, Lilly Gulch

Jeffco Hurricanes
Pools: Wheatridge Rec, Meyers

City of Lakewood (CARA)
Pools: Green Mountain Rec Center
Note: This team is currently on hold by the City of Lakewood. We are hopeful it will return in the future.