Practice / Meets

2022 Season

Practice Times
Monday – Friday
6:30 am – 8:00 am 13 years and older
8:00 am – 9:00 am 9-12 years old
9:00 am – 9:50 am 8 and unders
*Note: age groups practice times may be shifted depending on how many swimmers sign up in each age division. You will be notified at the start of the season if there is a change.

Night Practice (Upper Division Only)
8:00 – 9:00 pm June/July
*This practice is for upper division swimmers that need additional assistance or on occasion have a work scheduling conflict.  This practice will be dependent upon attendance.  If this practice is not regularly attended it may be canceled.

Meet Schedule

Wednesday 6/1Intrasquad #1warm up 5pm
Parent Mtg 5:30pm
start 5:45pm
Saturday 6/4@GMST v STINGwarm up 6am
start 7am
Saturday 6/11GMST @ AACwarm up 6:30am
start 7am
Wednesday 6/15Ice Cream Social / Tie-Dye Party5:30-7pm
Saturday 6/18@GMST v 5PARKSwarm up 6am
start 7am
Wednesday 6/22Intrasquad #2warm up 5pm
start 5:30pm
Friday – Saturday
Ken Caryl Invitational
(qualifying times needed)
Friday (13-18) 400’s
warm up: 9am
start: 10am

Friday (13-18)
events 5-40
warm up: 11am
start: 12pm

(9-10 boys / 11-12 All)
events 42-67
warm up: 6am
start: 7am

(9-10 girls/8&under All)
events 68-94
warm up: 12pm
start: 1pm
Saturday 7/2BYE – NO MEETS – ALL TEAMS
Saturday 7/9GMST @ AKwarm up 6:30am
start 7am
Wednesday 7/13Intrasquad #3warm up 5pm
start 5:30pm
Saturday 7/16GMST @ GOLD v GENwarm up 6:30am
start 7am
Sunday 7/17Last Chance Meet @ STINGwarm up TBD
start 8:15am
Friday – Saturday
(qualifying times needed)
League 400s
Friday 7/22
@ Stingrays
open warm up 5:15pm
start: 6:00pm

Saturday 7/23
@ Splash Golden
warm up: 6:30am
start: 7:45am
(all events/age groups
on Saturday, except for 400s)
Friday – Sunday
(qualifying times needed)
Friday A.M.
(Upper Division 400’s):
@ Applewood Knolls
warm up: TBD (a.m.)
start: a.m. TBD (a.m.)
Friday P.M.
(Age Groups 11-12 / 13-14)
@ Splash Golden
warmup: 5:00pm
start: 6:00pm
Saturday A.M.
(Age Groups 8U / 9-10)
@ Splash Golden
warmup: 6:00am
start: 7:00am

Sunday A.M.
(Age Group 15-18)
@ Splash Golden 
warmup: 6:00am
start: at 7:00am