Ken Caryl Entries

Ken Caryl entries are posted here – Ken Caryl Entries. They should be final, but please double check and direct any questions or comments to before 2pm today. For the most part the coaches spoke with the swimmers who were already qualified and based entries off of those conversations. There were just a few people who qualified on Saturday and we reached out to them individually, so if you or your swimmer weren’t originally qualified and did not get a message yesterday, then the qualification times were not met. Sometimes we invite additional people to fill relays, but this year we did not get the meet file from Ken Caryl in time to start the process, so the relays were created based on availability of swimmers in that age group. That is to say, some swimmer are in relays and some aren’t based on how many people qualified.

Swimmers of the Week

Week of 6/6

Each week the coaches will choose one swimmer from each of the practices to be recognized as the swimmer of the week. Swimmers are chosen each week based on their contributions to the team, including, but not limited to, athletic achievements, sportsmanship, volunteerism, team spirit, and/or creating a positive atmosphere. The swimmers of the week for last week are:

Devon Garls: This week, Devon demonstrated leadership in many ways emblematic of what it means to be part of the Green Mountain Gators. During practice Devon set a great example by completing all sets fully and with intention. As the leader of his lane, his drive gets passed down through not only his lane, but the entire upper division practice. In addition, on Thursday, Devon volunteered to stay after practice and assist with the butterfly stroke clinic which included many younger swimmers. He was an asset to their understanding of what good butterfly looks like as an excellent flyer himself and he provided well thought out technique tips while the clinic was performing drills. Well done Devon!

Lydia Mitchell: This week, Lydia came to practice with a stellar attitude and smiles that made even the cold water manageable for her teammates. As a lane leader she motivated her teammates with her spirit and drive, pushing herself when moved up to a more challenging lane. The coaches know that they can count on Lydia not only to have a good attitude, but to make the most of the hour long practice in an effort to become a better swimmer. Nice work Lydia!

Alexandra Dye: This week, Alexandra showed a commitment to self improvement in swimming that was inspiring. She came to practice each day with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. When given technique tips, Alexandra listened intently and put them into practice right away. Alexandra even extended her learning beyond the water, asking coaches about technique before and after practice. All the hard work paid off as she noticeably improved her starts. Keep up the good work Alexandra!

Practice 6/1

Good morning Gators! Practice is ON this morning. Depending on the pool temperature, we may limit our time in the water so bring athletic shoes for dryland exercises. Also, bring dry towels, jackets/sweatshirts, and pants to stay warm before and after practice. Hopefully we don’t have too many days like this, but we will make the most of them! See you soon