League Entries – Please Read

The preliminary League entries are posted here – Entries. If your swimmer is swimming at League please check their entries and let me know if there are any changes or errors (email ethan.schick@gmail.com or text/call 7203354894). Entries are due by 5pm today. Because of the lottery system (explained below) they need to be final (i.e. no changes after 5pm).

Important** This year the league is trying to fill 3 heats of every event. Because certain events will not have enough swimmers, the meet coordinators decided to open up entries to swimmers with B times as well. This will work like a top times lotto system. Teams can enter their swimmers who have B times into the pool and if the event is not filled by swimmers with league times, the remaining spots will be filled by the fastest B time swimmers. For example: There are only 20 9-10 boys swimming the 50 butterfly. Because there are 24 spots available (3 heats of 8 lanes) the next 4 fastest 9-10 boys who entered the lotto for the 50 fly will fill the heat. We entered your swimmer into the lotto for certain events if they already had at least 1 league time. The decisions were made mainly based on where your swimmer had the best chance to make it in. These entries are not a guarantee that they will swim that event because they are contingent upon the lottery. We wanted to give kids a chance to swim more if they didn’t qualify for three events. If you do not want your swimmer entered in the lottery please contact me and we will remove them to give another swimmer that spot.

Swimmer of the Week – Week of 7/4

Upper Division – Everett
Last week Everett came back from a vacation, but didn’t let that affect his swimming at all. He threw himself back into practice with gusto, giving his all on sets and challenging himself to get better. At the AK meet he continued his goal to swim all the events with a bunch of freestyle, including the 200 (which I think is the hardest event).
Excellent work Everett!

Middle Division – Ayla
Ayla is a new addition to our team and swimming this year and she is crushing it! She continually pushes herself at practice and leads her lane in the freestyle workouts. We know we can count on Ayla to show up and swim fast making her an asset to the team in individuals and relays.
Well done Ayla!

Lower Division – Carter H
Carter is one of our top 8 & Under swimmers and he shows it every day in practice and meets. He worked particularly hard last week, between the sassy comments, and pushed his lane to be better with each 25. As we were filling many 8 & Under relays, we knew we could count on Carter to show up and swim fast for his team.
Keep it up Carter!

Swimmers of the Week(s)

The following are the swimmers of the week for the weeks of 6/13 and 6/20.

Upper Division
Week of 6/13 – Eden
Eden is an excellent swimmer, but the quality that impresses the coaches the most, is Eden’s commitment to technique and constant improvement. She always comes to the coaches tent after her races and asks clarifying questions during sets, then immediately puts suggestions into practice. She also makes suggestions for practice that she thinks will be the most beneficial for herself and her teammates, making her extremely coachable and an asset to the team. Great work Eden!

Week of 6/20 – Brogan
Brogan was one of the few swimmers this week to participate in all 3 meets, swimming a large collection of events. Brogan is committed to improving his stroke and goes after qualifying times by setting goals before every race. No matter how his race goes, Brogan always has a positive attitude after his race, asking about what can be improved, setting new goals, or reflecting on what went well.
Keep it up Brogan!

Middle Division
Week of 6/13 – Emerson S
Emerson came to practice this week with an enthusiasm for swimming and a desire to become better. He worked hard to meet the times to qualify for Ken Caryl, demonstrated by his commitment to doing his best in every set and listening closely to the coaches. He is a good athlete and a great leader!
Well done Emerson!

Week of 6/20 – Allison
Allison is such a joy to have on the team. She is a hard worker, already a strong swimmer and yet still pushes herself to be the best she can be. Allison demonstrates her commitment by going to stroke clinics, implementing the tips and technique in the following practices, then signing up for those races in the next meet. Her tenacity shines through every time she gets up to race, making her an irreplaceable asset to the team.
Nice job Allison!

Lower Division
Week of 6/13 – Kaia
Kaia came to practice this week with a great attitude and a desire to improve. Kaia was always the first to listen in her lane and she helped her lane mates understand the sets and improve their stakes along with her. Kaia brings a positive attitude to practice every day that makes the 9am practice a joy!
Stay cool Kaia!

Week of 6/20 – Nolan
Nolan was another one of our swimmers to swim at all 3 meets this week. Nolan will take on any challenge that is thrown at him. He swam 3 difficult events at the intrasquad, raced hard at Ken Caryl, and ended up placing 1st at the Pentathlon. Nolan is an asset that any coach would be happy to have because he is so versatile and willing to step up for the team.
Excellent job Nolan!