Congrats swimmers!

Congratulations to everyone who swam today in a resounding victory over the Wheat Ridge Pihranas! To be fair, they’re a much smaller club, but you guys kicked butt!

I was also thrilled to see all of the contributions our brand new swimmers were able to make and I’m very excited about the future potential for everyone!

A few moments that stuck out in my mind –

Jessica Way losing goggles and a cap during a race – and never slowing down

The return of the Moore girls – Olivia and Gabrielle swimming their first meets after a season (or multiple season) hiatus and not missing a beat

Tristan Debrunner’s well earned 6-second drop in the 50 free after a very hard working winter (he made more clinics than I did…)

– A preview of whats to come of an elite upper division squad. Hey boys, how’s a state relay title sound?

Cassidy Stein’s debut as a 50 swimmer, showing that the 8-to-9 jump isn’t unkind to everyone

Jessica Lucero having a bit of a breakthrough meet and showing a bit of competitive fire we haven’t seen before

Dylan Jacob crushing the state time in the 100 free by 11 seconds in our first meet of the year. Wow.

Baily Sherrard stepping up and swimming a distance freestyle program (including that nasty 200) and showing some real grit

– All of our new swimmers (including a huge group of ultra-tough 8-unders, some CARA transfers and a few league veterans) coming out and competing hard for the team!

We had a lot more special races but these ones were really great to me. I hope everyone had as much fun as the coaches today!

A side note – we had a few no call/no shows today. Remember that when you sign up for a meet, we put you on relays and expect you to show! It’s certainly understandable that things happen and sometimes a kid is forced to miss, but please e-mail me (I checked my e-mail as late as midnight last night) or call the club so we know what’s going on and we can make adjustments!

I’d also like to take a minute to re-emphasize the importance of being on time for warm-up! 12-unders must be READY to go at 6 because they only swim until 6:15. I still expect the upper division to be there at 6 because that group arguably needs more warm-up time (longer events!) and you can’t run off of 5 minutes of warm-up. Make sure you AND your kids are ready to go! Cards can wait until AFTER warm-up for home meets (get em done before warm-up on the road, 6:30-7:00 warm-ups then.)

I promise I’ll post results and perhaps best times as well as soon as I have them (and as soon as I figure out how to do it…)

Stay tuned…Have a great weekend! We’ll see everyone at morning practice Monday!

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