Back in action!

Hey everyone!

Sorry the blog has been M.I.A. the last few days, this weird thing called ‘work’ popped up out of nowhere and just won’t leave me alone…

A few announcements –

Job announcment! Any of you who have been lucky enough to be around at 9 have seen that our 8-under division has exploded in size!! We’re thrilled to have so many newcomers, but at the same time we need some help getting it under control.

We’re looking to hire two people to come every day from 9-9:45 and get in with the kids and help them learn. The positions will go 5 weeks (or so) and will pay $5 a day (that’s like, $7 an hour or something.)

All upper division swimmers are welcome and encouraged to apply! If you are interested, please turn in a short letter of interest to either myself or Julie by Saturday! It’s a great opportunity to make some extra money and get really valuable teaching/coaching experience that could help you get a job later down the road…

– Meet sign-up was today! If you missed practice/didn’t sign up for the meet, please come tomorrow to get on the list. If you CAN’T attend tomorrow and missed today, please send your entries to me via e-mail – Bailey and Caleb – you’re covered.

That’s it for now, work is back and he’s starting to nag…

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