Night practice is retroactively cancelled…

I can do that, right?

Sorry, forgot to post about this one before practice but I was tired from mowing the monster weeds at the club all day and my brain wasn’t really working. Anyways it’s about 41 degrees, I would hope no one showed up..

If you did show up, we keep the thumb screws in the back of the snack bar, I’ll get ’em out for you tomorrow…

That said, tomorrow morning is looking a bit like this morning. For those of you who slept in, we actually did end up getting people who showed up in for all 3 practices, but it was a touch cold. It’ll probably be the same drill for tomorrow, especially if it’s sunny again. Just use your discretion, I won’t be mad if you don’t bring your 6-year-old, I’ll be less sympathetic if you don’t get your 16-year-old butt out of bed.

Finally, online editor Erin Feese got in touch with me today and said she’d be willing to give us some space in the paper every week if we submit it to her. Well she couldn’t promise it, but it sounds like she’s got a quarter-page slot she needs to fill (the same slot we filled today. Here’s the extended version.) and is requesting highlights, results and an action photo after each meet. I’ll take care of the results and highlights, but I need help with photos. So get nutty with your cameras at meets, shoot me some great action shots, get them to me in a timely manner and they might get published. It might even go front page one of these weeks (she said we’ll get one cover…) and I can post lots of photos online.

I’ll also get a photo sharing community together soon, sorry, I know, lots of promises, not so many results yet.

That’s it, make sure you check up on the site tomorrow, I’ll definitely post relays PRE-MEET so we’re all on the same page come Saturday morning!


p.s. commenting on the blog is OK. In fact, I’d be at least 10 percent less cranky in the morning if I knew you read the blog (compared to 500 percent less cranky if you brought me coffee…)

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