It's official…

The 15-18 men broke the team record of 2:04.59 by 6 hundredths of a second… That relay actually did not include Tim Campbell, but it did have a Dreesen (god knows which one.)

It’s also worth noting that Brian Pak broke his own 100 breast record, set at state last year, with a 1:13.40 last week at Wheat Ridge to little fanfare. Here’s your official recognition, great job buddy.

Congrats guys!

And here’s this week’s article…

Goodness what a clever title…And yes, The Swamp is our new official pool name, when it comes to swim team anyways. We’re Gators after all, I’ll dump some sludge in the deep end before our next meet if it makes you faster…

Side note – I’ll buy 5 Laffy Taffys for whoever can come up with the best name for our currently nameless stuffed Gator mascot. 5 bonus points if you’re under the age of 10 (including Cody.)

Andd I’m all posted out. Goodnight!

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