C/D meet date, pentathlon qualifiers!

It was finalized last night that the C/D meet will be held NEXT Sunday, June 30 at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center. Times were given but I don’t have them with me at the moment, I’ll be sure to add all of the info for that, and for Pentathlon as soon as I have it (they didn’t give me Pentathlon info at the meeting!)

Here is a final list of swimmers who qualified for the Pentathlon, this Sunday!

Kelsey Bollig

Elise Chevalier

Cara Cogswell

Dan Cope

Ianna Debrunner

Josh Fleming

Morgan Genkinger

Tristan Gess

Molly Kruse

Jimmy Mee

Inez Moore

Todd Otto

Brian Pak

Lauren Pearce

Cody Spencer

Cassidy Stein

Derek Stein

Alex Sutherland

Total – 18

If you will NOT be attending, I need to know asap at practice, or you can leave a message at the pool or just e-mail me…

Otherwise congrats to all of these swimmers, qualifying for this meet is the sign of a truly well rounded swimmer, these swimmers have all had great seasons!

Time will be posted soon, but count on a 6 a.m. – 1/2 p.m. sort of meet. It’s fun, I’d encourage everyone to sign up!

Have a great night.

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