Polo, Cody update..

For those of you wondering this morning, the weather has warmed. Anyways the forecast is calling for showers essentially all day, but we’ll see if that pattern holds

Anyways I’m still planning to be at the pool for a board meeting at 7. If it’s very nasty the meeting will likely be moved, which would mean that I couldn’t be there for practice (which would also mean that it would be too nasty for polo…)

Anyways call the club before you go if it’s questionable, I’ll leave a message with the guards there. 303-985-5880.

As for Cody –

As of last night he had been released from the hospital mid afternoon and was doing quite well. Apparently he was even cleared for practice this morning, but wanted to give it another day just in case.

Anyways that’s great news, but we will be asking Cody to wear a helmet (the race car driver kind) next time he enters the pool…

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