Meet photos and more!

First – So sorry for not posting about tonight’s canceled practice, this is the first computer access I’ve had since we closed the pool. If you actually showed up tonight I’ll cry a little tear for you before I go to bed…

As usual, Mr. Miguel Lander was kind enough to take his personal time at the intrasquad and has some more fantastic photos to share with everyone. You can check out the whole album at! You definitely have to check it out…

Speaking of the meet, congrats to NEW LEAGUE QUALIFIER REBECCA GARNER! She had a very exciting 400 race where she literally qualified by hundredths of a second in a 6 minute race.. Congrats! We’ve got a couple more RIGHT on the brink, let’s hope for a big weekend!

And thanks to all of the parents/swimmers who stuck around to cheer and help us set up/take down the meet.. We had a great time and quite a few big swims..

Oh and congrats to the (exhibition) upper division relays that swim oh-so-fast at the end of the meet. Unfortunately, one relay was petrified of the parents (Jay Wilsey spit in their lane while Dave Kruse pulled their little speedos over their heads…) and added an extra (and illegal) boy.. The other relay included Cody (who hasn’t showered in a week…gross) so obviously they couldn’t get enough swimmers and Mr. Spencer had to swim (illegally) twice.

So congrats to the parents, better luck next year upper division, and coaches – you’d better start training now or I’ll blind you with my tan line again…

Past my bedtime! Saturday warm-up is at 6 at GM! Relays will be at the pool tomorrow! Check em, we’re looking a little slim this week…


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