League bound!

Hello everyone!

First off – Congratulations NEW LEAGUE QUALIFIERS Jason Mortenson, Kevin Mercy and Michael Tsarevski! These guys all 3 hit the 9-10 breaststroke qualifying time at Last Chance today! Well done!

So that brings our total to…48. So close! We’ll talk up a new deal tomorrow..

Also a special congrats to Morgan Genkinger and Duncan Sutherland, both of whom picked up qualifying times in events today, and everyone else who came and swam today. It’s been a looooong weekend, everyone deserves some rest.

Speaking of long weekend, we finished our league entries after a long 5 hours today. I would post them but I don’t have the meet on my computer yet. I should have everything by tomorrow so I can get it up online. But all entries, relay and individual, will be posted tomorrow.

Please note – we added B relays for some age groups but did NOT fill in names because we were not entirely sure who would be available. We’re counting on the ENTIRE upper division being there, minus the Engers. PLEASE let us know asap if you are a 15-18 and can’t come, especially if you already told me and I forgot.

The follow age groups have B relays:

8-under girls
9-10 boys
9-10 girls

If you are in one of these age groups and would like to be in a relay, we can almost certainly make that happen. Just show up to practice and let us know. If we don’t see you, you’ll probably hear from us. There are NO 13-14 boys relays.. We’ll be strong there next year, promise.

That’s it! Julie and I will NOT be at practice Monday morning. If any upper division swimmers are willing and able, we’d LOVE to have your help for the second 2 practices.

Also remember that Monday and Thursday night practice are open to EVERYONE SWIMMING LEAGUE! They will consist of a long warm-up and then starts and turns. Come if you can!


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