the news.

It’s official: I’m New Orleans bound!

I received my official D.C. rejection letter today (it was pretty uplifting, considering its content) meaning I will be in NO/Phoenix for the majority of the summer. It’s an incredible opportunity and even though I know I’m missing out back home, I’ve never been this excited.

That, of course, means I won’t be back for this season. I haven’t yet spoken with Sandy or Dave (I reward my loyal readers…) but I know they’ve been actively looking for a few weeks now and should have someone new named in the very near future.

So that doesn’t mean I won’t see anyone again, I’m still around until June 10 and will close out the winter clinics on Sundays.

And I’ll keep blogging. Probably not on this site (it will be up to the new coach if they want to continue this or not) and probably not on GMST…but somewhere you can still stay up with me and what I’m doing, should you choose!

That’s all, I’ll see many of you tomorrow at clinics!

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