Intrasquad information!

So I missed my self-imposed 10 a.m. deadline, but here’s the info for tomorrow!


Intrasquad Swim Meet

Green Mountain Swim Club


Wednesday, June 3

Warm-Ups: 6 p.m.
Meet Start: About 6:30 p.m.

All swimmers, especially those new to the Gator family!

This meet is a big practice meet for us. It gives all of our swimmers (new and old!) a chance to get back into our pool and swim a real meet in a fun, stress-free environment. It’s great practice for everything from understanding race procedures to how kids go through the heating tent. These meets can feel complicated if you’ve never participated in one!

It also gives us a chance to test out our equipment and volunteers to make sure that everything is running smoothly so that we don’t encounter problems on Saturday!


Please make sure you’re at the pool on time for warm-up, it will be short! Also note that we will have a very IMPORTANT parents meeting at the beginning of the meet, so don’t just drop your kids off, if at all possible! We’d really like to get the chance to speak with you at the beginning of the meet!

Finally, on the weather watch, note that the high tomorrow is supposed to be a blustery 65. That means that when the sun starts going down, you’re going to want something warming for both you AND your wet child. Think wind chill, multiplied by 10. Then think about how grumpy your child will be once their teeth stop chattering enough for them to express their displeasure. Bring SEVERAL dry towels, blankets and a thermos with some warm liquids!

Thanks, and everyone hope for some SUNSHINE!

Coach Luke

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