New Updates, Weekend Swims!

First order of business – Night Practice is ON tonight! Don’t be afraid of a massive electrical storm a little water, you wuss!

Best times are updated, as is meet information for both meets this weekend, entries for Ken Caryl and results from C/D. I would post CK/AK meet info, but they currently have the wrong report–CKST best times–and that’s about as useful to us as Coach Rich at a spelling bee (or Duncan at a weight lifting competition…or coach Josh at a tanning demonstration.)

Anyway, I promised I’d get an update of this weekend’s meets, so after a 3 hour nap that lasted for the entirety of the afternoon, I think I finally have the energy necessary to get something up. That said, this week’s shout-outs are all about energy! These swimmers made huge contributions to the team this weekend not only through their swimming prowess, but through their hard work and hardcore attitudes! These were our weekend warriors in a VERY wearing weekend!

Sophie Aiken
Sophie swam her HEART out, especially at Sunday’s C/D meet. She sought out advice before EVERY race and (gasp!) really crushed some of her old times! And even if she didn’t, I’m sure she would have came up smiling, anyways…

Anna Granquist
Anna is at the top of her age group this year, and she’s showing that she has the ability to compete with the very best. She has now achieved League times in 4 events and swam a gutsy 36 second split to anchor a very good relay at Saturday’s meet!

Remember when I said we’d talk about how our Ken Caryl count got so high? Look no further than virtually the entire 8-under division! Just some examples from their weekend brilliance… Elsa Debrunner qualified for the 50 free, after looking like a tiny rocket shooting from a cannon. I may film her expertly executed start and show it to the upper division tomorrow… Allison Dagli got off a cast that she had been swimming with, and promptly recorded the second legal fly for the division, giving us an extra (very fast!) relay and showing that hard work really pays off. Seraphima Tsarevski and Brandon Jacob both achieved “B” and “League” qualifier times in thier first meets EVER and Adam Wheatley just about blew his coaches out of thier chairs with an incredible league-qualifying butterfly in his first-ever attempt in the 25 fly! WELL DONE, 8-UNDERS!

Evan Giusto
Evan is quickly becoming a premier swimmer in the 13-14 age group, and with an extremly hard work ethic and great attention to detail, had one of his best meets ever on Saturday. Efforts like that will make our 13-14 boys one of the top groups in the league, if not the state!

Daniel McKelvy
Daniel has redefined the term “workhorse” and seems to favor races porportionally based on how much pain they might potentially provide him. He has swam his staple–the 200 free–at every meet so far and has shown extremly impressive improvement there. Next week, I might tie some lawn furniture to his waist at the meet, just to see if we can possibly push him any harder!

Daria Romero

Daria is still relatively new to swimming, and has rarely ever ventured from the safety of freestyle. But this year she has made it her goal to branch out this year and try to be a successful, all-around swimmer (did I mention this is her first year of 100’s?) Her guts and courage have been an inspiration to her coaches all season!

Ethan Schick

Ethan has developed this year from a “dang, he’s pretty good” kind of a swimmer to a “holy (insert 4-letter word here), that kid has skills!” kind of swimmer. With some newly-acquired buffness, an intense personal drive, several years of very hard work and exquisite attention to detail (I’ll be he’s really good at making model airplanes,) Ethan has become one of the top, all-around swimmers on the team. The scary thing? He’ll be even better next year, and probably even better the year after. He could make a serious splash at this weekend’s Pentathlon!

See y’all in the morning!

Coach Luke

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