League Lowdown

Welcome back to the gator blog, and now for your much-promised look-back at League…

To start, the meet was incredible and a real testament to how hard the team has worked this year. Every time a Gator swimmer jumped in the pool, you knew something crazy was about to go down. We moved up to a 5th place finish OVERALL, including a 2nd place finish in our trophy. We beat one D1 team (Mt. Vernon) and were a mere 20 points from Columbine Knolls…a finish that would have moved our team up to D1 for the 2010 season. This was truly a break-out meet for the team and something everyone should be incredibly proud of! The coaches couldn’t be feeling more confident going into state!

That said, time for some individual shout-outs, because we had some TRULY incredible performances. Overall, we had 9 individual champions (Dylan Jacob (3), Tristan Gess, Elise Chevalier (2), Emily Cotten, Josh Duffy, Kenzie Oreskovich, Anna Granquist, Kelsey Bollig, Cody Spencer) that earned 12 first place finishes.

This is obviously an abbreviated list (I could write something about everyone…) but these were simply the most incredible performances of the meet. So a big, fat “well-done” and a gold sticker to…

Elise Chevalier for no-freaking-way moment of the year. I’m still not sure there weren’t illegal propulsive devices in use during the 4th 25 of her breaststroke race.

Josh Duffy for being a silent assassin. He recorded 1 win and 2 top three finishes in only his second year of swimming and without so much as a peep about his accomplishments. Who does he think he is??

…Daria Romero for her coming out party. In her first ever league performance, she recorded 1 top 10 and 1 top 5 finish and cut loads of time in the process! Did I mention she didn’t lose to any other 13 year olds? 2010, look out!

Ianna Debrunner for being Ms. Big Shot. After an incredible finish to her season last year (state champion!) she once again stepped up at the big meet in one of the hardest years of swimming, moving up from 25s to 50s! She placed top 3 in ALL of her events and continued to shine when it counts!

Inez Moore for her go-go gadget arms. Outtouching a 6’2″ opponent by 9/100ths of a second in a 3 minute race is the definition of clutch.

Kenzie Oreskovich and Anna Granquist for nearly causing the first simultaneous quadruple heart attacks in history. They swam in two of the most exciting heats of the entire meet (200 and 100 free) and threw thier coaches and teammates into wild frenzies. Both girls swam WELL above and beyond expectations and both took home a blue ribbon to show for it!

Dylan Jacob, Tristan Gess and Ethan Schick for putting thier names amongst the Gator all-time greats. They set a combined FOUR team records at the meet!

As I said, I could go on and on, but please congratulate these swimmers when you see them next!

And check out the banquet information in the right sidebar. Don’t forget to bring your side dish! We’ll see you at practice…tomorrow is my last day!

Coach Luke

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