Once A Gator Always A Gator

Hey all,

I hope you all are excited for the 4th and are taking advantage of the weekend off.

I found it interesting that Coach Luke is so busy down south that he could find time to come visit us at the swamp but he was able to find time to post on our blog and stock us all through Ken-Caryl results. I will make sure to make him really home sick by telling him all the awesome stories when I see him next month. Hopefully he will make a trip west to see us some time.

I am not sure what Water World put in the water that made upper division think that their log weekend started a day early and that they didn’t need to attend practice today. I don’t think I need to name names you know who you are. I know some of you have been at practice on a regular bases and need some extra sleep every once in a while but those of you who spent two weeks down under really need to make as many practices as possible.

Alright keep in mind league is coming up faster than you think only 14 more practices till league weekend. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Coach Josh also wanted me to remind you that all of us coaches will be celebrating the 4th and in order for all of you to do the same we have canceled practice on Monday the 5th.

Have a great holiday

Coach Rich

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