Trafic Jam


I am excited to see you all tonight at the ice cream social. Hope fully you will eat some ice cream dye some shirts and watch the parents and upper division loose to the coaches in a medley relay. I think the parents have been a little scared and have been practicing the rain dance so that they don’t have to face us coaches.

After looking at the warm-up schedule for league I saw that we only have two lanes for 20 minutes to warm-up 56 swimmers. I think some of our 8 and under swimmers would get run over with 28 other swimmers in their lane. So in order get a complete warm-up in for everyone the upper division swimmers will be warming up at GMSC at 6:30am both Saturday and Sunday. We will warm up till 7:00 and then head down to CKST. Upper division if you need a ride from GMST to CKST after warm-up you need to ask myself or another swimmer we can work out some kind of carpool. We will have to leave no later than 7:30 so please be on time to the warm-up.

That’s it for now

Coach Rich

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