Wet and Wild


I am not sure what has gotten into the weather lately I think Coach Luke has sent New Orleans weather to us using some type of cajun Voodoo. Since Coach Shelpy has informed me that she is not mother nature and therefor cant tell me what the weather will be like in four hours we will have to play it by ear. Either way Shelby and I will be there for a few menutes at least to say hi and do a Sun dance. So if it looks good at four we will give it go. If you think it is too cold for those little gators or you just want to curl up and wathch a movie on the couch only mean coach Molly will hold it against you.

Coach Rich

p.s Coach Shelby just sent me this very informative text “it says %50 chance of thunderstorms form 2 on but it has a sun with the thunder and lighting. So I don’t know” what I want to know is how do they draw thunder Shelby?

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