Calling all parents!

Hey there gators,

First of all, I would like to say great job at practice this week! Coach Rich, Josh, and I were very proud of the progress you all made during stroke week. We still have some work to do, but we were very pleased with how things went. We are excited to see how you all do at the meet tomorrow morning!
Next order of business is going to be the swim meet, which is at 5 Parks tomorrow morning. Our warm up starts at 6:30, so parents please help us out and get your swimmers there 15 minutes early so that they are ready to get in the pool by 6:30. Coach Rich will not be at the meet tomorrow, he will be attending National History Day in Washington D.C. with some students from the school he teaches at. That being said we will be down one coach, and seeing that our swim team has increased in size quite dramatically this season parents if you could lend a helping hand by keeping track of your swimmers and help get relays put together it would be greatly appreciated by Coach Josh and I. We will be having our team meeting at 6:55 and we will be doing our cheer, so gators bring your cheering voices. We want to show the 5 Parks Piranhas that we mean business!
Next week I will also not be at practice. I will be in Illinois visiting my parents for the week, but I will be back in time for our first home meet next Saturday. Coach Josh and one of our very own gators Molly will be coaching all practices next week. Please make sure you know whether or not you will be swimming at the meet next weekend so that they can get you signed up.
See you all tomorrow bright and early!!
Coach Shelby

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