League Week


We just finished our league entries and we will have them posted at the pool tomorrow on the bulletin board. Please check them to make sure that we entered you in your correct events. We have 64 swimmers that qualified for league! This is a huge number for our team, and the coaches are very proud of all your hard work!

*For practice this week we would like to only have league and state qualifiers, thank you!

This Wednesday we will be having our team ice cream/tie dye social starting at 6:30-8:00. THIS IS OPEN TO ALL SWIMMERS!!! Parents we would love to have you come and hang out! We would also like to ask parents to be there to help with your kids (8-under parents we are asking that you are ALL there to help your swimmers). *If it is going to be stormy we will cancel, last Wednesday was wild enough for the swamp!

We will have night practice this Monday, but there will not be night practice on Wednesday due to our team ice cream/ tie dye social.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Coach Rich has his contact information on the right side of the blog
Coach Shelby: 720-201-9577

Coach Shelby

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