Change is in the air

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the students are restless. Add it all up and spring must be turning into summer, and that means it is swimming time. Before you can swim with the big boys and girls in London in 2012 you will need to put a few months of work in at the swamp.

In order for us to kick off this season on the best foot possible I need all of you Gators young and old to make sure they read this message and to check back regularly for important info.

First we need all of you Gator officials to make sure you attend the training so that you can help us shatter young swimmers hopes and dreams this summer. Even if you have been an official before. If you are interested please read the following.

Official’s clinics are coming up. Please remember that all officials, new and returning, need to attend a clinic. New officials must attend the water portion on Thursday May 31st, but may attend any other classroom session. If you have questions, please contact Jim Fernald,

Sunday April 22nd at Green Mountain Rec. Center, 4:30pm. Classroom session only.
Sunday May 20th at the Golden Community Center, 5pm. Classroom session only.
Thursday May 31st at the Golden Community Center, 6pm Classroom session, 7pm Pool session.

Thank you in advance for all you do.

Second if you are swimming in the clinic with Coach Josh and Shelby there is an important notice. There will be NOT be a clinic on May 13th because the rec center will be closed for repairs. There will be a make-up session May 20th at CARMADY that would be a great tune up for the first team practice the next day.

Thirdly I have posted registration form for 2012 so please be sure to fill it out and return it as soon as possible.

I have also posted a preliminary schedule please take a look at it but it is not finalized yet.

Remember to check back soon I will be posting information about a mandatory parent meeting, dead line for registration, equipment need for this summer and sure fire ways to make Coach Josh angry by 6:20 in the morning (A must for all new upper division swimmers who don’t want to spend the whole summer swimming fly)

Summer here we come
Coach Rich

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