Intrasquad 2


We have our second intrasquad meet tonight.  Please be at the arrive a few minutes early to be in the pool for warm-ups by 5:30.  It is supposed to be a really hot day today, so try to do something low-key if possible so that you are able to swim some best times tonight!!  See you at the pool!

Also I was told this morning that the bathrooms have been very messy after swim team practice.  We need to make sure that we are leaving the pool, bathroom, and grounds as they were when we first arrive to the pool in the morning.  If you all could clean up after yourselves and make sure your teammates are doing the same that would be wonderful! Thank you so much!

Coach Shelby

P.S. Don’t forget to buy your water world tickets! It is a really fun day and the coaches will challenge anyone on The Tortuga!

Also if you all want to learn a really FUN new way to put on your caps be sure to ask Shea Murphy and Emma Berg!

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