Hello Gator Families!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday night, July 25th, at 5:30PM at the swim club for our Annual/End -of-year Swim Team Banquet. The swim team is providing pizza and bread sticks. Each family is responsible for bringing a dish to share. Depending on the first letter of your last name, you will bring either a side dish, or a dessert – and please bring an appropriate serving utensil, if needed (we do not have any). For the past several years, we have been ‘blessed’ with rain and/or cool weather. Please prepare accordingly. The banquet can last until about 8:30pm. The coaches love to brag about their swimmers!

Swimmers with the last name beginning with letters A-L, please bring a dessert.
Swimmers with the last name beginning with letters M-Z, please bring a salad/side.

Portions should be able to serve at least 10 people.

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