Last After School Practice

Nice job last night. I know it was a little chilly but the coaches were excited to see many of you pick up right where you left off last season and were excited to watch new team members compete in their first race. However, there is no time to rest our next meet is Saturday at Wheat Ridge. You can sign up by clicking on the Wheat Ridge meet link under Important Links. Please do so ASAP, we have to get the entries to Wheat Ridge soon. You will notice the sign up for Saturday’s meet is a little different, we have listed all of the events for each age group you can simply put an X in the events you want to swim or you could put an estimated time if you remember it from last year. Please note you are only allowed to sign up for three individual events. Also for the relays, I know that some of you will have to come late or leave early, if that is the case please put a NO in the relay that you will not be available for. Likewise, please put a YES if you will be available for both relays.
Coach Rich

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