Important Info


As we gear up for the end of the season there are a few important details that everyone needs to know.
First, we will no longer have night practice.
Second, tomorrow’s tie-dye party will start at 5:30 and continue until 7:30. Please bring something to tie-dye, Gator shirts will be available for purchase if you would like to tie-dye one of them. Ice cream will be provided. Please be sure to supervise any gator that is too young to be left at the pool by themselves. 
Third, make sure you know when you are swimming at league. Note that Friday is at the Stingray’s pool and Saturday/Sunday is at the Splash. Please be sure to get there early, you will not be able to park in the Splash parking lot, you will have to park up the hill and walk down. 
Lastly, warming-up in three lanes with 70 swimmers would be a little too crowded, so upper division will be warming up at GMSC at 6:15 am both Saturday and Sunday. We will then try and get to the splash for starts by 7:30. Upper division try and  find a ride form GMSC to the Splash. If you have multiple swimmers feel free to take them all to the Splash for the 6:50 am warm-up or talk to me, we might be able to have a few little ones with upper division.

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