Have you ever wondered how you can volunteer your time with your child's swim team? Let me tell you a few ways…..

It is very important that we have parent volunteers to help our swim meets and swim team functions run smoothly.  Below you will find a brief list of possible volunteering opportunities and a description of what what is involved.

Timing:  (Home meets, Away meets, Intrasquad and Special meets)

Green Mountain Swim Team is responsible for providing volunteers to time swimmers at home meets, away meets, intrasquad meets and special meets.  You would sign up for a 2 hour shift and will be assigned a lane to record during this time.  As a timer you will be required to start the stopwatch when the buzzer/horn sounds and stop this when the swimmer reaches the wall.  Then these times will be recorded.
Head Timer:  responsible for making sure all timing slots are filled
Timer:  volunteers for 2 hour shift
Back-up timer: will be used at home meets to provide back-up if someones stopwatch didn’t work correctly

Card Runner:  (Home meets)
This person is responsible for collecting the swimmers cards from the timers after each event is swam and deliver these to the entry recorder.  

Concessions:  (Home meets)
We are looking for people that would work the concession area for a period of time during the home meet until the swim meet is over.  These people would be required to collect money and hand out food as purchased.

Hospitality:  (Home meets)
These people would be in charge of periodically delivering refreshments  to the volunteers that are working the meet.  

Set-up/Clean up: (Home meets, Away meets, Intrasquad and Special meets)
These people would show up early and/or stay after the meet to see that we are ready for the event and/or cleaned up. Team tent transport to & from meets with set-up and take-down is also required.
Heating Shed:  (Home meets and Intrasquad meets)
These people will be responsible for sorting entry cards into heats and then distributing the entry cards to the swimmers prior to them going to their lane.  These people will also assist in getting the 8 and Under relays to their appropriate lane.  

Entries/Ribbons: (Home meets)
These people would assist in sorting the cards as they are turned in after the event has occurred.  These people would also assist in adhering the label to the swimmer ribbons.  Looking for detail oriented people 🙂

Officials: (Home meets, Away meets, Intrasquad and Special meets)
These people have to be trained.  There needs to be head official, starter,starts/finished and stokes/turns.  Again these people have to have participated in the required training.

Please help our team and the kids swimming by volunteering.  We can’t put on these meets without all of your help.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Jennifer Friedrichs

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