Weekly Update

AWESOME JOB THIS WEEKEND GATORS!! We had some unbelievable time drops, and we won our second meet!

This Wednesday we will have our second Intrasquad meet. Warm up will start at 5pm, and the meet will start at 5:30. Please sign up online by Tuesday at 5pm so we can start getting everything together. If you do not get signed up on time, please show up to Green Mountain around 4:45 on Wednesday to deck enter by the heating shed.

Swim clinics this week will be backstroke on Tuesday, and another starts and turns clinic on Thursday. The clinics will run from 9:45-10:30am and there is an 8 swimmer limit in each clinic. Please remember each swimmer is only allowed 2 clinics so that everyone has a chance to come to one. There is a link to sign up for this week below.

Let’s have another great week Gators!


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