Gator Week:

The time has come.  Time to lift the shroud of mystery that surrounds what has infamously become known as “Gator Week”.  
Undoubtedly you have by now come to know the phrase “Gator Week”; either from your fellow swimmers or even directly from one of the coaches.  And I’m also sure by now that you have gathered, to a small degree, what this week will entail.  The coaches have been dropping hints and writing menacing messages on the white board at practice for a couple of weeks. Perhaps by now, you may even be slightly afraid.  You may be thinking to yourself, “Maybe this will be the week I take an unexpected vacation”.  But you shouldn’t….and you won’t. The magnitude of “Gator Week” is truly incomprehensible to all of you….At least it was, until now.
“Gator Week” is coming and it’s time you got the 411 on what it is, when it is, and how to prepare – so here it is.
“Gator Week” begins next Monday and will persist through the whole week of practice.  You may feel nervous about it, and that’s exactly how us coaches want you to feel.  But the reasons why we want you to feel this way are different than what you may expect.  “Gator Week” (I’m considering getting the phrase trade-marked) is more than just a week of hard practice.  It is more than the coaches laying down the hammer for seemingly no reason at all.  “Gator Week” is an obstacle or better yet, a challenge.  One which we hope all of you strive to conquer.  Practices during this week are going to be exceedingly difficult, but not a single one of them will be impossible.  
“Gator Week” isn’t simply a week of physical punishment.  It’s more importantly about a mind-set.  Our hope for you as coaches is that you will come to practice during “Gator Week” and approach each day with the confidence that you can accomplish something great by just putting your mind to it.  This is the week where that voice in your head that whispers “I can’t do it” is put to rest.  We challenge every single one of you to make every practice possible during this week and approach each one of them with the attitude that you are unbeatable.  More importantly,we would like to see all of you walk away from this week with a new sense of confidence that every goal you set is achievable – if you decide to work at it.
The coaches are getting creative with the workouts and each day will have a particular “flavor” to it.  Not every day is going to consist of a soul-crushing amount of yards or an over-abundance of sprint, but every day will be a challenge that we want to see you overcome.
A couple quick notes:
  • Asthma – Swimmers with asthma; please be sure to bring your inhalers this week!  There will be some days that may trigger an asthma attack due to the nature of the practice.  While our goal is not to give anybody an asthma attack we would like you to be prepared.
  • Breakfast – If you wish to get the most out of these practices it would be wise to eat a light breakfast beforehand. Banana’s, granola, yogurt,and whole-grain cereals are good options.
  • Hydration – Try to bring a water bottle or better yet a bottle of Gatorade to every practice.
More tips will follow in the days to come.
Josh, Jaimie, Porter.  

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