AAC Relay Meet

There have been several questions about the AAC Relay Meet that will take place this Wednesday, June 25th, and I just got more information about the meet. Relay meets are super fun meets to go to, and swimmers have a lot of fun competing in different relay events! For this meet, each relay will consist of two girls and two boys, and each swimmer can compete in up to four relays. The entries for this meet are due tomorrow night, so I will be making relays and turning in the entries some time later tonight or in the morning. Please sign up tonight so that I know you will be there!

On Wednesday, the meet will be at the Applewood Athletic Club pool. Our warm-up will be from 2-2:30pm, and the meet will start at 3pm. 
Some examples of events for this meet are a medley relay, back/breast relay, fly relay, back relay, IM relay (where each swimmer swims a 100IM), fly/free relay, etc. 

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