League Meet Information

Hi Gators! I can’t believe that next weekend is already League weekend! Since it is only a week and a half away, and since the coaches will be sending in the entries for the meet this Sunday afternoon, I have a couple notes for all you swimmers and parents:

  • Most importantly, I expect everyone who is available next weekend to swim at the League meet. We have very high goals as a team, and in order to do as well as we would like to, we need as many swimmers as possible. Everyone with League qualifying times should be swimming, even if you already have your State times. There will be plenty of time to rest in between the two meets.
  • Josh, Ethan, Porter, and I will be deciding on entries, and we would like to have a swimmer in every event. This means that swimmers may not be swimming their favorite events. We want all of our swimmers to do really well, and we will choose events that you will do well in. 
  • Every swimmer needs to use the sign-up link to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to swimming at the meet by Saturday evening. There is also an option for swimmers who have not made the qualifying times yet to swim on relays. Relays are worth double points, so I would love to bring as many relays as possible. If you do not have qualifying times, but are available to swim, please say yes to relays.
On Friday, July 18th, the Upper Division swimmers will swim their 400s at the Stingray’s pool. Warm-up will start at 4:15pm, and the meet will start at 5:00pm. Upper division swimmers need to talk to me at practice if they are unable to make it to the meet on Friday so I know not to sign them up for the 400. If you do not talk to me, I will assume you are available on Friday if I need 400 swimmers.
Saturday, July 19th will be events 7-64. 
Sunday, July 20th will be events 65-110.
Both Saturday and Sunday, the meet will be held at Columbine Knolls. We will have warm up from 6:20am-6:40am, with the meet starting at 8:00am. 
We will have more information about volunteer duties by early next week.
If there are any questions, do not hesitate to email me at jaimiestevens27@gmail.com or text me at (612) 810-7879. 🙂

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