Tie-Dye Party

Tomorrow we will be having our Gator tie-dye and ice cream party. We will begin at 5:30. You will need to bring your own item to tie-dye. We will also have white Green Mountain Gator swim team t-shirts and tank tops available for purchase($12.00 each) to be dyed. We ask that you bring your items already rubber banded in the design you would like. We will have yellow, green and blue dye.
We will also be serving ice cream. We would like a few parents help to help scoop ice cream and monitor the ice cream toppings.
If the weather cooperates the kids will be allowed to swim in the pool.
And last, there was a note in each swimmers folder regarding collecting new/unopened school supplies.  Please consider donating new school supplies tomorrow. These will be collected and donated to less privileged families.

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