Please help out around the club during practice

The Swim Club Board has been working overtime in the rain and snow to get the actual pool ready to go (on time) for the swim team. In doing so, we have fallen behind on all of our grounds, locker room and general maintenance of the rest of the pool area. If parents are waiting around for their kids to get done with swim practice, we are kindly asking if they would pick up a broom, or rake, or pool skimmer and help us get ready for the season.

We need:
– grass racked and bag. The grass is so long (because of the crazy weather) that when they mow it is leaving behind a lot of clippings.
– locker rooms swept and wiped down.
– pool decked swept
– pool skimmed daily to get the leaves out
– weeds to be pulled (dandelions, thistles, etc).
The success of the Club directly effects the success of the Swim Team and we are hoping that with a few extra hands that we can be up and running by the weekend!

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