Week 2 Updates

Hi Gators! I wanted to remind you that there will be no practice today for Memorial Day. 

Our first intrasquad meet will be this Wednesday! Sign ups are on the blog (in the right-hand column), so please try to sign up by Tuesday. We will take deck entries at the pool before the meet starts on Wednesday, but all of the wonderful parents who are organizing the meet would greatly appreciate it if you’re able to sign up in advance. Intrasquad meets are a great way for me, Porter, and Ethan to see where all the swimmers are at at this point in the season.
Our first dual meet is also coming up fast! This Saturday we will take on the Wheat Ridge team. Sign ups for this meet are also on the blog, so go ahead and sign up for that meet too! While the host teams usually do take entries at the pool the morning of the meet, the relays are made up prior to the meet. Signing up online in advance saves a lot of confusion, and gives me a chance to get your swimmer on a relay if possible. 
The last announcement of the day is that I have (finally!) created a sign-up sheet for buddies. I have gotten a lot of feedback from the swimmers that they would like to have Big/Little Buddies again this summer. Buddies can cheer each other on at meets, leave good luck notes in each others’ folders at the pool, and maybe leave some treats or small prizes in each others’ folders before meets. This is a great way for our older and younger swimmers to get to know each other and to show our team spirit at meets! Last summer, the swimmers really enjoyed it.
If you are interested in having a Big or Little Buddy this season, please sign up on the attached google doc and I will let you know who your buddy is once I have enough names. Here’s the link:
Sorry for the long post! Please feel free to email me with any questions 🙂 jaimiestevens27@gmail.com

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