Ken Caryl Invitational Meet-June 26th and June 27th

Next weekend is the Ken Caryl Invitational Meet (Friday night and all day Saturday).  This swim meet is for swimmers who have specific qualifying times for this meet.  We are asking EVERY swimmer to complete the following sign-ups to let the coaches know if you are available to swim on these dates.  This meet does not follow the regular order of events so the schedule looks like the following:
06.26.15 @ 12:30pm all 400 swimmers
06.26.15 @ 3:00pm all 13-18 swimmers
06.27.15 @ 6:00am all 11-12 and Boys 9-10
06.27.15 @ 12:00pm Girls 9-10 and all 8&Unders
If the swimmer has qualified for an event we are expecting them to swim in this event.  If a swimmer has qualified for more than 3 events the coaches will be determining what events will be swam.

All swimmers are asked to complete this form even if they don’t have qualifying times, because they maybe needed for a relay.  Also, just by stating you can participate does not guarantee you to swim. It is imperative that once entries are posted that they are reviewed to make sure all swimmers are aware and able to participate.

It is important that you or your swimmer completes this form by Friday night due to entries being completed Saturday.  If you have any questions and/or concerns please let me or a coach know.


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