Important Announcements for This Weekend!!

Hi Gators! I’m getting really excited to see you all swim fast at the meet this weekend 🙂 I have a couple of notes for you all so that you’re prepared for the meet:

Upper Division:

Tomorrow’s practice will start at 7am and go until 8am like normal. We will do a longer meet warm up and pace work for those of you swimming tomorrow afternoon. It is extremely important to get a good warm up in for big meets like this, and I am expecting all upper division swimmers who are swimming tomorrow to attend practice. I promise that you will not be too tired to race in the afternoon.

Warm ups for the 400s will be at 12 noon. The 400 session will start at 1:00pm.

Warm ups for the rest of the 13-18 events will be from 3-3:25pm, with that session starting at 4pm.

Lower Division:

Please come to your normal practice times tomorrow. We will be working on starts, turns, and other things specific to your races this weekend.

Warm ups for 9-10 boys and ALL 11-12s will be from 6-6:25am on Saturday morning, with the session starting at 7am.

Warm ups for 9-10 girls and ALL 8&unders will be from 12:25-12:50pm with the session starting at 1pm.

All Swimmers:

Last year we got SECOND place at this meet, which was amazing for our team!! We would love to place this well again, so come ready to swim FAST!! There is also a Spirit Award at this meet. We have won the past few years–make sure to show your Gator spirit while you are there by cheering everyone on.

The weather is often unpredictable for this meet. I know last year we had a 2 hour delay on Saturday for rain and lightning. Please make sure to bring warm clothes and extra towels just in case! Please also make sure you’re drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, especially if it’s super hot out.

For parents: the host team has asked that we remind you that parking rules are in effect. Last year, cars that were parked too close to hydrants, street corners, and driveways were ticketed. Please get there early to allow yourself time to find a legal parking spot!!

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