State Stuff

Hi Gators! I can’t believe the State meet is already here!! Here is the information about warm ups this weekend. The lower parking lot (closest to the pool) will be reserved for coaches and officials, so please plan accordingly so your swimmers are able to be behind the blocks ready for warm up on time. Thank you!

Saturday (12&Unders): Warm up will be from 6:40-7:00am. Please do your best to arrive by 6:30am. We will be doing our full warm up during this time and it is very important to be there so the kids are ready to do their best in their races. There will be starts/turns/sprints lanes from 8:40-8:55 right before the meet starts. These lanes will not suffice for a full warm up, but will be available for a little extra practice. 
Sunday (13&Up): After talking to the Upper Division swimmers, they have decided that they would rather warm up at GMSC and then head over to Splash. Upper Division warm ups will be at GMSC from 7:10-7:45am. We will then head over to Splash and practice starts and turns in the sprint lanes from 8:40-8:55. 
If you made a shirt this week at practice, make sure to wear it to the meet to show our Green Mountain spirit!
Good luck swimmers! I know you’ll all do great 🙂

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