Swim and Dive-a-thon fundraiser

I hope everyone had a great first day back at school.  It is hard to think that swim team has been over almost a month now.  Now is your chance to get back into the pool.  The Green Mountain Swim Club is hosting a swim and/or dive-a-thon.  This event is Saturday, August 22nd from 8am-8pm.
We are asking all swimmers to participate in this event as all money raised will go to capital improvements.  Each person that participates will ask for pledges for either laps swam, dives completed or a flat rate.  The swimmer or diver will have 60 minutes to complete as many laps or dives as they can in this time period.  You must supply your own counter.  1 lap = 25 meters.  You are asked to sign-up on the following link for the time slot that you are available to participate http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0548ada822a20-gmscgmst.  Also the pledge form to collect donations is on the right hand side of the blog.  If you have additional questions regarding this fundraiser please email Jennifer at cjmfriedrichs@aol.com or see the Green Mountain Swim Club website http://www.greenmountainswimclub.org/.

Thanks in advance for your participation.  We all love the pool where we spend our summers and would love to see come improvements happen.  Let’s help the swim club raise this money!

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