Week of May 30th-June 4th

We hope all families had a great start to their summer break.  Happy Memorial weekend.  Here is the schedule for this week.
Monday, May 30th:  No practice

Tuesday-Friday:   Regular summer morning practice

6:30-8:00am 13 & up

8:00-9:00am 10-12 year olds
9:00-10:00am 9 year olds
9:00-9:45am 8 & unders

Tuesday and Thursday:  Regular summer evening practice

7:00-8:00pm 12 & under

Wednesday, June 1st: Mandatory parent meeting, Tie-Dye and Ice Cream
5:30-7:30pm tie-dye
6:00pm Parent meeting
6:30pm ice cream served

Swimmers need to sign-up for Saturdays meet by the end of practice on Thursday

Saturday, June 4th: swim meet at Mount Vernon Country Club
6:30am warm ups begin
7:00am meet starts

We are excited to have our summer swim team in full swing. We look forward to see you all on Wednesday.

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