Swimmer of the Week

Swimmer of the Week
The Gator coaches and board members are excited to implement a new award for swimmer of the week.  This swimmer recognition will begin next week.  
During the summer swim season the coaches will be recognizing one female and one male swimmer each week.  Swimmers can be chosen from any age group.  Upon being chosen for the swimmer of the week the swimmer will be recognized on the blog and on the bulletin board at the swimming pool as well as receiving a Dairy Queen gift card.

Swimmer of the Week criteria
  • Behavior and Attitude:  highest standards for behavior and manners at all swim team functions; positive attitude in regards to all swimming related programs
  • Effort:  demonstrate a resilient, consistent, hard-work ethic both in and out of the pool
  • Attendance:  attends practice regularly; participates in meets consistently
  • Learning:  demonstrates excellent listening skills; responsiveness to instruction; improve skill development
  • Organization:  demonstrates independence; self motivator; arrives on time; has all “equipment”
  • Performance:  applies skills and techniques acquired/developed during practice in meets; demonstrates proper form; drops time in events
  • Team Work:  demonstrates excellent team work helping all team mates; cheers for other swimmers during events; participates in buddy program
  • Gator Factor:  All the above and a little something extra!!!!!!!!!!!

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