Swim meets next week (June 24th-June 26th)

Next weekend are not the normal swim meets.  There are two separate swim meets next weekend. The first meet next weekend is the Ken Caryl Invitation on June 24th and June 25th.  This meet is for swimmers with specific qualifying times.  The other meet is the C/D meet on Sunday, June 26th. This meet is for swimmers that have a C/D time in any event.

Information on Ken Caryl Invitational meet:
Attached is a link to a report of swimmers that have qualified for this meet.  If your name is on this list we need you to do the following:

  • This list will be posted at the pool.  Please put a check mark next to your name, this will let the coaches know you can attend.
  • If there are more than 3 events that you have qualified for please circle the 3 events you want to swim
  • If your name is on this list and you WILL NOT be attending please email Porter porter.bennett@colorado.edu and let him know.  We are asking for emails so we can refer back to them when we are doing entries.
  • If you are participating in this meet we will try to arrange relays based on this information
  • There will be a revised list posted on Thursday as swimmers can qualify tomorrow at the Intrasquad.  Swimmers also may make qualifying times at Saturdays meet.  
  • Please do this by Saturday, June 18th as entries are due Sunday.  
PLEASE NOTE:  we may need additional swimmers to swim on relays.  We will contact these families on Saturday or Sunday to check availability.

Friday, June 24th (Warm-ups begin at 12:30; Start 1:00pm)
Ages 13-14 and 15-18
Events 1-4 400’s 
Friday, June 24th (Warm-ups begin at 3:00; Start at 4:00pm)
Ages 13-14 and 15-18
Events 5-40
Saturday, June 25th (Warm-ups begin at 6:00am; Start at 7:00am)
Ages 9-10 boys; 11-12 All
Events 41-67

Saturday, June 25th (Warm-ups begin at 12:00pm; Start at 1:00pm)
Ages 9-10 Girls; 8&unders
Events 68-94

Information on C/D meet:
This meet will be held on Sunday at Mount Vernon Country Club
If your swimmer has a C or D time and wants to participate in this meet to help improve their time and get practice please email gmstgators@aol.com.  Please include the swimmers name and the events they want to swim (up to 3 individual events).  We will need these entries by Thursday, June 23rd.  This meet follows the regular order of events with no relays.  
This information is a little confusing and we are trying our best to explain these meets as well as make sure everyone that can swim does.  If you have any questions about either of these events please let any coach or board member know.
If your swimmer will not be participating in either of these meets, you have the weekend off.  

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