Swimmer of the week goes to……

Swimmer of the Week 2

We would like to thank all their Gators for their team spirit at the Columbine Knolls meet.  It is always amazing to look down at the end of the pool and see other swimmers cheering their buddies, friends or family on.  Keep it up!!

Female Swimmer of the Week:  Lexi Ballard
Lexi Ballard was selected this week because:
– for not looking at the other swimmers in her 25 breast (first time ever)
– didn’t let getting DQd affect the rest of her meet
– worked hard all week, with a good attitude
– team support at the meet

Male Swimmer of the Week:  Brett Edwards
The coaches choose Brett because:
– showing his passion for butterfly by openly celebrating fly sets in practice
– going strong in his 50 despite not having goggles
– practice attendance
– attitude

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