July 4th-July 10th weekly schedule

We hope all of our Gator families had a fun 4th of July!  Hope it was fun and safe and everyone enjoyed not getting up for swim team practice.

Here is the schedule for the week of July 4th-July 10th
Monday, July 4th:  There is no swim team practice (Morning or Evening)
Tuesday, July 5th:  Morning practice and donut day **please see the revised start time for upper division
    7:00-8:00am:  Upper division practice
    8:00-9:00am:  10-13 year olds
    9:00-10:00am:  9 year olds
    9:00-9:45am:  8&unders
Evening practice and treat
    12&unders:  7:00-8:00pm
Night practice
     Upper division and parents:  8:00-9:00pm

Wednesday-Friday:  Regular summer practice
6:30-8:15am:  Upper division practice and dry land (8-8:15am)
8:00-9:00am:  10-13 year olds
9:00-10:00am:  9 year olds
9:00-9:45am:  8&under
Thursday, July 14th
All swimmers must sign-up for Saturdays meet by the end of practice or email gmstgators@aol.com if you are out of town this week but will be at the meet
7:00-8:00pm:  12&under night practice
8:00-9:00pm:  Upper division and parent practice

Saturday, July 9th:  AAC vs GM @ Green Mountain Swim Club
Warm-ups begin at 6:00am; Meet starts at 7:00am
Parents please see the volunteer link to help with this meet

Sunday, July 10th:  Pentathlon @ Applewood Athletic Club
Meet begins at 7:00am
This meet requires swimmers to have 3 of 5 events with  B or better qualifying time( freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly or IM).  Please see the Pentathlon post for more information about this meet.  To sign-up please email gmstgators@aol.com with the swimmers name.

Have a great July 4th and see you Tuesday for practice!

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