Swimmer of the Week

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July / weekend with no swim meets!

Here are the swimmers of the week:

Male Swimmer:

Kai Langan!

Kai showed up to practice with endless energy and an excitement to swim all last week. Every time Kai was near the water he had a giant grin and was ready to go, eager to get in. Despite no meet, he put a lot of good hard work in this past week. Congrats Kai!

Female Swimmer:

Jensen Wehri!

Jensen worked hard at all practices last week, constantly working to improve. She brought a positive attitude to the practices as well as a strong work ethic. Jensen’s positivity is contagious, impacting everyone else in her lane (which is fun to see as coaches). Keep up the great work Jensen!

We are about to hit a tough stretch of the season, with 5 swim meets (4 meets and 1 inter-squad) in the next two weeks, followed by League and then State. I urge all swimmers to attend practice as regularly as possible. The practice difficulty will be ramped up for the next two weeks so come prepared!

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