You don't want to miss the Intrasquad on Wednesday

This Wednesday will be our last Gator Intrasquad meet.  This is a night that you don’t want to miss (not that you want to miss any of them)!  You will have to read this whole post before you get to the exciting news…..(don’t cheat and skip to the bottom)

  • All swimmers can sign-up for 3 individual events.  We are allowing swimmers to swim an additional event so help them qualify in more events.  We also challenge the swimmers to pick an event they haven’t swam yet 🙂
  • Swimmers must sign-up for this meet by the end of practice on Tuesday
  • Warm-ups begin at 5:00pm and the meet starts at 5:30
  • Parents please volunteer your time and sign-up to help
This will be the last meet that we will have Gator apparel for sale (you can still purchase items during practice).    So if you don’t have your gator shirt, sweatshirt, hat and/or sticker for your car (or around the house) please stop by and purchase it.
More information to come about dinner options that may be purchased at the pool.
And for the exciting news that you have waited to read…….
At the end of the meet on Wednesday…….is the coaches relay!!!!!
The coaches will challenge the parents and other age groups to a relay swim.  The kids will already be ready to participate so we are reminding the parents.  Parents please bring your swimming suit, goggles and a towel and be ready to swim if you want to participate.
See you all Wednesday!

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