Tomorrows Intrasquad meet

I have a feeling tomorrow night is going to be a great night.  The pool will have food and entertainment!  What else can you ask for?  The only other thing we need is to make sure you volunteer so we can have a meet.  Please sign-up if you haven’t already done so. 

There will be hamburger and hot dog meal available for purchase tomorrow as well as additional items from the snack shack.  All you need to do is show up (with money).

The free entertainment will come after all our kids swim.  Please make sure you stay around and watch the coaches relay (and the parents relay).  Yes parents I mentioned your relay again.  This is just to make sure you don’t forget your swimming suit or something important.  I have heard that we have had parents “practicing” at the night practice so it sounds like you are ready.

See you all tomorrow night. 

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