Swimmer of the Week

Congratulations to all swimmers who have qualified for league and state! Its been a great season so far and the coaches are excited to see what happens at League and State.

Male Swimmer of the Week:

Sonny Donati!

Sonny had a good week of practice and topped it off by getting his state time in the backstroke at the last chance meet. He is extremely close to getting the state cut in the 25 free, which is one the most difficult times to make. Sonny has routinely displayed a great attitude coupled with a strong work ethic in practice which has led to noticeable improvements in his swimming. It will be fun to see what happens with Sonny come this weekend!

Female Swimmer of the Week:

Brooke Tompkins!

Throughout Gator Week, Brooke displayed an excellent determination to fight through every set, making sure she gave full effort every day. Brooke made sure to provide encouragement to the swimmers around her and led by example. Her continuing team spirit is prevalent both in practice and the meets, always cheering others on and staying positive at all times. We as coaches enjoy seeing swimmers not only working hard to improve, but working hard to help others improve as well, just as Brooke has done all year. Great job Brooke!

See you guys tomorrow,

Coach Porter

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