Swimmers of the week

Swimmers of the Week: 

Female: Lexie Lamping! 
Lexie had an outstanding league meet, dropping mad time in every race she had. It wasn’t just the time drops, but the way in which she approached each race that really impressed the coaches. Her enthusiasm and confidence in herself combined with her continued effort in practices throughout the year led to major time drops and place improvements. Lexie gave 100% effort this weekend, and was a big part of why the team did so well. 
Great Job Lexie! 
Male: Isaac Perez-Williams 
Isaac had a lights-out meet this weekend. He was clearly in the zone for all of his races, and went after each race with a desire to win. His competitive spirit and focus was fun to be around, and had noticeable effects on his races. No matter the circumstance, relay or individual, ahead or behind, he gave it his all to get to the wall first. 
Great weekend Isaac, well done! 

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