Final thank you

I believe I speak on behalf of the board and the coaches of the Gator summer swim team when I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for  a wonderful summer
Thank you for your support to a sport your kid(s) love
Thank you for the laughs throughout the season
Thank you for your patience as we tried new processes
Thank you for the early mornings
Thank you for spending 6 days a week with us
Thank you swimmers for your dedication to work hard
Thank you volunteers
Thank you to the new families and swimmers who took a risk to try swimming with the Gators
Thank you for showing up ready to work hard
Thank you for always (or most of the time) sharing a smile
Thank you to the buddy family swimmers that helped support each other in and out of the water
Thank you to a successful summer swim season

And thank you for advance for helping provide us feedback on the season and any suggestions for improvement for next season.  We would appreciate you completing the following survey to help us know how to continue to make a successful swim team.
Please complete the following Gator Swim Team survey

Please continue to check the Blog as we set dates for the Fall swim clinic session.  You can subscribe to the blog (see the top left to enter your email) and also like Green Mountain Swim Team on Facebook to keep informed on Gator news.

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